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A PHEV shares the characteristics of both; a conventional hybrid and an electric vehicle. The vehicle is referred to as a hybrid because its powertrain uses a combustion engine that provides electric power steering and an electric air compressor, which means it can run in the truly electric mode without requiring the ICE on idle for brake air supply, for instance.

Using PHEV, you will have a diesel engine to secure your operations if your battery power is low - below 1/3 energy left, the thermic engine takes over smoothly without intervention.

Plug-in Hybrid Electrified Vehicle (PHEV)

Low-cost deployment of the implementation

Our design was tested to gain the necessary insights into the energy consumption in the function of the aircraft model, average distance per movement at the airport, and weather conditions. Moreover, the purpose of the test was to assist in determining the ideal battery size for each truck and the optimal charging infrastructure.

This approach significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a more sustainable energy future enabling rapid, low-cost deployment of the implementation of the necessary changes.

We also offer your charging unit Infrastructure avoiding extensive installation costs at the airport with various other parties fading out hurdle to start working on it.


Electric vehicles cost lower to maintain, use a cheaper energy source, & do not require expensive overhauls. The battery-electric powertrains are more energy efficient results, in lower energy consumption per km than diesel trucks. The time battery-electric & diesel trucks reach TCO parity is more sensitive to variations in diesel fuel prices than electricity prices.


Hydrogen fuel cell cars are electric vehicles that generate electricity by converting hydrogen gas into electrical energy through a chemical reaction within fuel cell. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles represent a promising alternative to traditional combustion engine vehicles & battery electric vehicles, as they combine the best of both worlds: long driving range & quick refueling.