High-Quality Refueling Vehicles & Hydrant Dispensers

We excel in constructing high-quality Refueling Vehicles & Hydrant Dispensers. ARC NV' was founded in 1994 with the aim to construct, maintain, and refurbish aircraft refuellers.

Additionally, Group CéSAR is a Center of Excellence & Service for Aviation Refuellers and also acts as a brand house, aligning companies, people, and staff under one umbrella, 'Sharing Customer Ownership.' (SCO).

Aviation Refueling Trucks


Refuellers carry fuel from a storage facility to an aircraft and pump it into its fuel tanks using a dry break pressurized under-wing connection for refueling commercial aircraft or using an over-wing nozzle for smaller aircraft. Refuellers come in various sizes, with capacities from 5 000 liters to 85 000 liters of aviation fuel; long-haul flights require using larger sizes, specialist articulated trucks with a low height to access under the wings of wide-body aircraft. The refueller incorporates a pump, usually driven from the refueller engine pumping the fuel from the refueller tank to the aircraft tanks.

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The fuel pumps through an underground pipe network with hydrant connections provided at each stand/gate. The fuel is pumped under sufficient pressure to ensure the flow of the fuel into the aircraft tanks using under-wing dry break connections.

A hydrant dispenser does not pump fuel but does regulate its pressure, so flow rate into the aircraft. Therefore, no requirement to provide additional pumping for the hydrant dispenser.

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High-Quality Refueling Vehicles & Hydrant Dispensers

ARC NV has been a KEY player in this market constructing high-quality Refueling Vehicles & Hydrant Dispensers, covering the scope of our Conventional vehicles.

Group CéSAR and ARC NV are coupled with an extensive assortment of crucial strategic partnerships among them., FAUDI, SATAM, ELAFLEX, and numerous others, with the experience and capability to respond to compliance and meet our industry best practice standards.


Aircraft Refuelling Decarbonisation Options

A developing technology for refuellers and hydrant dispenser vehicles is the adoption of battery-electric chassis, which eliminate the diesel engine and its emissions. The Tanker Vehicle OEM is responsible for taking every effort to ensure that they design the principles of engineering and ergonomics into the functional controls of the vehicles.