Commercial Vehicles

Additionally, Group CéSAR is a Center of Excellence & Service for Aviation Refuellers and also acts as a brand house, aligning companies, people, and staff under one umbrella, 'Sharing Customer Ownership.'  (SCO)

We were encouraged to get our brains/efforts together, drive the change, and adjust work with a mutually shared vision and goal! ARC NV is part of Group CéSAR and identifies the transformation & change needs supported by innovative solutions.

We excel in constructing high-quality refueling vehicles & hydrant dispensers, covering the scope of our Conventional vehicles. Focusing on seizing performance opportunities to ensure the full scope of the OEMS is effectively implemented and cost-effective, guaranteeing that we meet all operational requirements.

Build Standards

Group CéSAR and ARC NV are coupled with an extensive assortment of crucial strategic partnerships among them., FAUDI, SATAM, ELAFLEX, and numerous others, with the experience and capability to respond to compliance and meet our industry best practice standards.

We can point out the most economical solution for any problem, no matter how big the challenge is - our new Technical Solutions Center allows us to do the required qualification testing in-house, saving time and money while ensuring quality.

We offer a wide range of replacement components, including pressure control, pumping, filtration, replacement elements, metering equipment, hoses, nozzles, tank top fittings, foot valves, bottom loading, electrics, and pneumatics.

We ensure and control the modifications to second-hand vehicles, including inspections and maintenance procedures, to enable their continued service in support of reliable operations, and we manage assets throughout their lifecycle, including specification, procurement, commissioning, maintenance, inspection, investigation of incidents, and disposal.