Our Technical Experts Offer Fully Integrated Solutions

Our technical experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising clients in the aerospace industry, working on the most complex projects, overcoming challenges, and delivering successful outcomes.

Demonstrating compliance requires a partner with a vast breadth of experience to navigate through a complex regulatory world. It requires a partner who is not only familiar with standards set out by regulatory agencies but also has the expertise and know-how to implement them while respecting resources and costs.

Our technical experts offer fully integrated solutions tools for audit compliant with JIG standards including:

  • Facility Condition Assessments.
  • Auditing facilities and aircraft refueling operations to Joint Industry Guideline standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance Auditing.
  • Preparation of Airport Refueling Operating Manuals.

Identify the Required Standards & Effectively Implement Them in Practice

We are building awareness of the importance of using standards in all spheres of economic/operation activity to achieve sustainable development goals as a mandatory key element of quality policies.

We identify what skills and experience are needed to increase participation in ISO technical work, help build these skills by making positive contributions, and share good management and conformity assessment practices.

Our work approach is carried out by subject-matter experts directly drawn from the industrial, technical, and business sectors. They identify the required standards and effectively implement them in practice ensuring a robust and reliable approach that fulfills the industry's needs including:

  • ISO standards work according to the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle (= PDCA - Deming wheel-circle).
  • The aim always is to involve the entire organization in achieving the set objectives (=required top-down).
  • Identify relevant subject areas so that activities to assist involvement are focused.
  • Robust, well-proven, transparent, inclusive, and open processes foster a strong consensus among diverse stakeholders in developing ISO standards.


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