Sharing Customer Ownership

We are a Global Management & Consulting Group driven by excellence in organizational restructuring.

The technical experts of our team successfully developed, designed, & built innovative customer-centric relationships and services, collaborative leadership frameworks, profitability-driven management practices, compensation models, and recruitment initiatives aimed at attracting top-tier specialized managers, advisors, and directors.

Our unique methodology ‘’Sharing Customer Ownership’’, allows us to deliver the best mix of our extensive knowledge in Chemical & Industrial services with a proven track record in the OIL & GAS industry’s upstream & downstream sectors. Additionally, we have well-experienced technical construction & refueling competencies.

The highest ethical standards form the foundation of everything we do. We prioritize these standards in the delivery of our services, innovative tools, products, solutions, and other business propositions.


A Vision Outlining Excellence that Achieves' Future-Ready Results!

Become a catalyst for driving change… & be our unique Global Partner who leads in skill development, engineering, project delivery, and transformation processes driving Operational Excellence & Discipline that embraces the highest standards.


Helping Clients to Realize New Growth in Practice

Our Group offers a “one-stop” approach, providing all Excellence solutions to serve the industry. Our industry’s commitment to safety, combined with robust standards of regulation, is guided by a distinct shift in attitude & human behavior. We support this shift through innovative solutions and the sharing of knowledge from diverse markets and practices. Moreover, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both the global picture and regional specificities.

Through meticulous analysis, we develop detailed and measurable execution plans (blueprints) and take over executing the job ourselves, employing our unique business model. Focusing on modern business, emerging technologies, and digital transformation, helping clients to realize new growth in practice, not just plan for it and rejecting obsolete legacy models.

Our methodology for delivering results includes:

  • Develop strategies and align partnerships that achieve durable results.
  • Share customer ownership to facilitate true collaboration between parties.
  • Establish the resources, systems, and infrastructures.
  • Use a client-specific business case model that will allow him-her to measure operational results, including bottom-line & financial results!

True Collaboration Between Parties by Sharing Customer Ownership

As executive leaders with over 30 years of experience in management consulting, we have been delivering turnarounds, driving companies to growth whilst improving bottom-line results in various industries across the globe. Our comprehensive expertise in business management and technical services enables us to provide robust independent opinions founded on our direct experience in regulation, industry, and policy.

We recognize that team efforts lead to more impactful outcomes than individual efforts; through true collaboration between parties and by sharing customer ownership, we deliver results that have been developed and endorsed by the undersigned, serving as a driving force for future developments.

Our goals include:

  • Understanding what actions to take and when to execute them is crucial when analyzing the situation.
  • Establish a positive and inclusive work environment is paramount in attracting and retaining world-class talent.
  • Ultimate sharing of customer ownership and testing future technologies.
  • Confirm the information is fit-for-purpose and deliver effective solutions.
  • Recognize the lack of integration of new technologies in the best practices and SOP companies manuals, and offer support for our client's business transformation efforts.

High-Impact Designed Programs

Our core competence lies in our ability to meticulously analyze ongoing activities in detail, employing our unique knowledge base fueled by a hands-on, bottom-up approach and enriched by a wealth of experience across various industries, markets, countries, and continents.

Our deep heritage and strong DNA, added to our vision and values, underpin everything we do and empower funders to make direct investments in high-impact designed programs.

For intricate temporary assignments, we deliver subject matter experts (SME) & interim management services capable of “aligning companies, people, and staff” under a unified shared vision and goal.

Our Values:

  • Engage with a wide range of industry and policy stakeholders and facilitate cooperation and promote partnerships between them across every part of the solution design and deployment program.
  • Vast knowledge and experience in piping, electricity, automation, civil, mechanical, and process engineering create a robust infrastructure that maximizes companies’ production while prioritizing safety.
  • Excel in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions.
  • Custom analysis provides expert research, reports, presentations, and briefings to respond to requests from individual stakeholders.
  • Our process of a bottom-up approach, supported by our top-down contacts, our business model will allow an easier transition if wanted.

Our Partners